This groundbreaking, new, social impact book was a global #1 Amazon Best- Selling book in Jan 2019.


If you are an emerging or expanding social impact leader, this book will take you step-by-step through crafting an impactful message.


If you are writing books and blog posts, or speaking up in these challenging times, this book will act as an essential guide for you as a messenger of change.

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The current socio-political climate— however challenging—presents one of the most profound opportunities for humanity to collectively grow and wake up. What we need for that to occur is leaders, down on the ground, who are catalysts for change.
The question of how to cut through prejudice and create more equality is a complex one, but this book will act as a vital guide. You’ll learn the different message types and how to use them to the greatest effect, while exploring the most powerful vehicles for sharing your message and defining yourself as a leader.
With unique exercises that help you carefully craft the purpose and tone of what you share, and examples by some of the most influential leaders of our time, by the end of this book you will have a brand new skill set that will support you to be a powerful catalyst for change.
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As a social evolutionary leader, you are bridging the gap of inequality. Maybe you are a leader in the women’s movement, standing for LGBTQ+ rights, part of the racial equality revolution, having the backs of refugees and immigrants, standing for the rights of homeless people, empowering veterans, or striving for religious equality. Perhaps you are even a liberal politician – the next Bernie Sanders with a vision of being president. Whatever your field, you want support to craft and deliver a dynamic social message that actually makes a difference.

What an essential, urgent primer Sasha Allenby has created! As the world seeks bold and clear leadership, it’s crucial that great thinkers and activists understand the communication tools that are the foundation of real and lasting change. This book distills the techniques we need to lead effectively, whether we are new to activism, or grizzled warriors of the streets.

Ari Gold, Student-Oscar-Winning Film Director, Writer, and Activist

Catalyst is a practical guide to help you understand your place in the world and how you can craft your message to have the most influence and impact possible. It supports you to tap into your life’s mission and innate humane qualities. This is a refreshing resource for activists, students, community leaders and social entrepreneurs to find an impactful and soulful path of social change amid challenging times.

Samy Nemir – Writer, Activist and Founder of Queeramisú: Latinx & QPOC for Equality

Sasha Allenby guides the reader to dig into their deepest and most enduring motivations for social impact, translate them for the current political moment, and find the words to make them actionable, and therefore meaningful.
A powerful book that will be magic in the hands of anyone who feels a new or renewed calling to create change. 

Reva Patwardhan – Founder of Dialogue Lab + Presenter and Creator of Dialogue Lab Podcasts
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You’ll learn how to clearly defining the purpose of your message. You’ll discover the difference between messages that disrupt, messages that call in, messages that call out, and messages that build bridges, as well as how to use them purposefully in different situations.


The tone of your message is one of the most essential components, and an essential element to engage with your reader. You’ll learn how to set the right tone in order to create the maximum impact with your writing and speaking. You’ll also discover some of the common pitfalls with tone setting, so you can avoid them in your work.


We’ll not only be looking at how to create the most powerful message for change. We’ll also be looking at you as a leader. You will gain some valuable tools and practices for staying centered while you write, speak or lead so that you are able to create solid and meaningful impact in these often chaotic times. 
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    Thank you for creating such a clear, concise and enjoyable guide, full of vibrant real-world examples. This book is not only for people who are already working in the social evolutionary field but those of us who feel a burning passion for change and have yet to completely figure out our place. This book will help you become clear on your own intentions and motivations (fear vs. vision) for wanting to serve in the world, and make sure that your message—and the decisions you make—are genuinely pointed towards evolution. 

    Wendy Lau, MD. Emergency Medicine Pysician and Meditation Teacher

    Sasha Allenby has given us a tremendous gift with Catalyst.  Using real world examples, she shows you how to move past surface level inspiration and into the real work that goes into creating catalytic stories that lead to lasting change.  This is an essential guide for any leader looking at how they can create an impactful message. Highly recommended!


    Paul Zelizer, Business Coach for Conscious Entrepreneurs and Founder of Awarepreneurs 

    Sasha Allenby has done it again! Her unique way of communicating a powerful and compelling message, in a clear and conscious way, will inspire you to become the best version of your self and help you make an even bigger difference in the world with your message. Now is the time to share what you stand for, and Sasha will give you the tools and guidance you need to stay focused, motivated, and committed to your vision! Sasha has been a true light in my life, in fact one of my biggest catalysts for personal transformation. I’m sharing my message and inspiring thousands of people all around the world because of the content of Catalyst. You are here to stand out, your purpose is calling you, and that burning desire within you must be acknowledged. Order your copy of Catalyst and discover how to deliver your message with authority and authenticity.

    Brett Moran – Author of Wake the F#ck Up – former prison inmate and transformation specialist

    This book is like a beautiful lotus that’s sprung open out of thick mud. It’s both realistic and highly optimistic. In our current social climate, we all need to learn to stand up and take responsibility. Together we do have the power to change. Sasha wisely shares how you can do that through her unique and powerful mix of experience and talent. If you believe in a better world, read this practical book and take action, however small. Let’s all be catalysts of change for a fairer, kinder and more beautiful world. Highly, highly recommended.

    Shamash Alidina, cofounder of the Museum of Happiness + author of Mindfulness for Dummies
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    For the past decade, Sasha Allenby has been a ghostwriter for some of the greatest through-leaders of our time. Her journey started when she co-authored a bestselling book that was published in 12 languages worldwide by industry giants, Hay House. Since then, Sasha has become a leading expert in crafting a message to impact change. She has ghostwritten over 30 books and her skills are sought after globally. Since the 2016 elections, Sasha turned her skill set to crafting messages that have the greatest impact for social evolution.

    Sasha Allenby’s career as an author has spanned over 12 years, and she is published in 15 languages.
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